Kalam’s Yatra is nothing but spreading Dr. A.P.J. Kalam message of creating a livable planet earth. In this yatra we are going to empower 1 lakh youth in AP and TS states. We are going to do this mainly about career, education, health and environment.

How we are going to do this ?
We have taken old district in 2 states – 23 districts
Our target is 1 lakh, 1 lakh/23 dist = 4347 for each dist
We have 75 days to reach out , 60 working days
1 lakh/60 days = 1666 per day
60 days/23 district = 2.6 days per each dist

What is this yatra ?
All about kalams last message creating a livable planet earth and giving oath to 1 lakh students and youth. Setting career goals to 1 lakh youth.

Why this yatra ?
Kalam is one of the greatest personalities on the earth. he inspired many youth. his last speech was excellent speech but not really reached across the nation. we have taken up this responsibility to spread this message.

When is the yatra ? where ?
Starts from 1st aug’19 from Adilabad,TS
Ends on 15th oct’19 in srikakulam, AP
Cover 23 districts in TS & AP(united AP)

How is yatra done?
Finding local volunteers
Volunteers select schools and other educational institutions(1000 plus students) with local support 2 to 3 days in each district, motivation session will last about 3 hrs like minded people will be involved

Who is going to deliver the motivation session?
Naresh Indian, CEO of Kalams Institute of Youth Excellence…

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